Tuesday, October 25, 2011

October Workshop

I just have to say, I love fall in the Northwest.  I know I have outgrown the stage in my life where it is socially acceptable to run full speed and cannon ball into every pile of leaves you see, but I never resist the urge to step on a few fallen leaves here and there just to hear the crunching sound under your feet.  Could anything be more charming??

Here is what we made to get ready for Halloween:

Of course I couldn't actually plan a Stampin' Up workshop without one card!  For the card I used "Jack of All Trades" (Item # 122666)

The Mini Milk Carton, which I filled with bite size Snickers (do you hear my sugar tooth kicking in??)  was made with the Mini Milk Carton Bigz Die (Item # 117310) the "Got treats" stamp set (Item # 119114) and the "Tiny tags" stamp set (Item # 118091)

I also have been dying to use the 1in x 8in cellophane bags from the new Holiday Mini (Item # 122622) so we filled them with M&M's (the Peanut Butter ones work too but I ate all of them before taking photos.... I know, are you sensing a theme here??)  I used "Warmest Wishes" (Item # 122672) stamp set for the owl and the Owl Punch (Item # 118074) for the Owl and the Ghost.

Happy Halloween!!!

Jack of all Trades (Item # 122666)
Got Treats (Item # 119114)

Tiny Tags (Item # 118091)

Warmest Wishes (Item # 122672)

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