Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Mom's Club Sneak Peak

I love my friends!  I guess it is a sign that I am truly an adult when I start thinking about how wonderful my friends are.  I have this friend, she's awesome, she always makes me laugh and she just "gets me."  You know what I mean, the kind of friend that seems to know exactly what you are thinking all the time.  She is also a killer mom to two beautiful baby (well one isn't really a baby anymore...) girls.  AND  she is in a mom's club.  I love it.  This group of mom's get together on Wednesday nights and all try new things.  Lucky me, next week they are coming to my house to make Christmas Cards!   So, here is a sneak peak of one of the Christmas cards we will be making.

This card uses Tree Trimmings stamp set (Item # 116722) and a little bling.  :-)  I love shiny things!

Tree Trimmings (Item #116722)

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