Saturday, October 29, 2011

Card Idea

I can't remember what inspired me to start making pop-up cards, but they are a blast!  Here is a photo tutorial for making pop-up cards.  They are so easy but extra special!

Here is what I did...

I started with 2 pieces of cardstock.  The one on the left is a normal card size (5 1/2in by 8 1/2in), The one on the right will be the inside piece and it's is slightly smaller (5in x 8in.)  I folded both pieces in half and made 2 cuts in from the fold on the inside cardstock.  Then pushed the cut piece to the inside and it forms the base for whatever you want to be your pop up.   Then I put the two pieces together.

I used the Cupcake Builder Punch (Item #121087) to punch out my cupcake at used my tape runner to glue my cupcake to the pop up piece.

Then I decorated the inside of the card with the Create a Cupcake stamp set (Item #121915)

And I decorated the Outside :-)

Stamp set I used:
Create a Cupcake (Item # 121915)

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