Monday, October 31, 2011

Family Tree

I always told my parents growing up that I wish my brother had been a girl because having a twin sister would have been SO much more fun!  Now that I'm an adult I think I was actually pretty lucky to be the only girl.  AND then I got married and I got my wish - I got the best Sister-in-law ever!  Lucky me, she doesn't even wear my clothes, read my diary or steal my make-up.  :-)

Anyway, I got the pattern for this Family Tree from her.  I had a blast doing all of the family history research, Of course she had already done their side of the family so that made it even easier.   Turns out I can trace a branch on my Dad's side back to some type of royalty.  I told my Husband he can now refer to me as Princess Kati, he didn't buy it....... weird.

The tree goes back 5 generations.  I made one for my Parents and my Grandmother - they LOVED it!

Thanks for the help

I also got some free Ancestry help at 

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